Important Deadlines

Protect your crop insurance investment and enjoy the full-level of risk protection available to you. Make a note of the following important deadlines for crop insurance.

Sales closing date

– last day to apply for coverage.

Final planting date

– last day to plant unless insured for late planting.

Acreage reporting date

– last day to report the acreage planted. If not reported, insurance will not be in effect.

Date to file notice of crop damage

– for a planted crop, notice must be provided within 72 hours of discovery of damage or loss of production (but not later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period). If there is no damage or loss of production and a revenue plan of insurance is in effect, notice must be given no later than 45 days after the latest date the harvest price is released. For crops that are prevented from being planted, notice must be provided within 72 hours after the final planting date or the time the producer determines it will not be possible to plant during any applicable late planting period.

End of insurance period

– latest date of insurance coverage.

Payment due date

– last day to pay the premium without being charged interest.

Cancellation date

– last day to request cancellation of policy for the next year.

Production reporting date

– last day to report production for APH, ARH, Revenue Protection, and Revenue Protection with harvest price exclusion option.

Debt termination date

– date the approved insurance provider will terminate a policy for nonpayment.